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Fully compliant with the new UK Legislation

No contract, no obligations

Already a customer?

Forget loose change, take tips on card or mobile.

Customise your TipBox to match your vibe

Tap to leave a tip on our TipBox
TipBox devices sits on the counter
Customise your sign to collect more tips

It's simple.

We handle the admin, so you can focus on the service


100% of tips go to the team

We are fully compliant with the UK's latest tipping legislation. All tips are paid out to your team. There are no hidden fees, and it's all broken down on your own TipBox portal. 


Instant installation

Any business can set up a TipBox and start collecting tips within minutes. There is no integration with any business systems. Receive your TipBox, pop it in place and start boosting team tips. 


Paid directly to workers

The team receive their portion of tips directly, so there is no need for managers to worry about making payments. We handle it all from start to finish, so that you can focus on service.


Customise the messaging

Our TipBox device can support custom branding options to make sure that your message is seen by customers and our device fits into your space to match the style and design

The Cadogan Arms
Sushi Dog
Soho Coffee Co
The George Pub
Daylesford Organic

7 x return on investment every month

"TipBox has helped to push our customer service levels even higher and tips have increased by 100% too. A win/win for the business and the team!"

Fiona, Director Street Coffee

Business Costs

No setup costs
No hidden fees
Zero transaction charges
100% of tips paid to the team


Fixed Monthly Fee


  • TipBox Device 

  • Instant Setup of device

  • Online Portal 

  • Direct Staff Payouts

  • Standard Marketing Surround

  • Optional Chalkboard

  • Technical Support

No contract, no obligations

Not sure? Let's chat about it

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